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APIL Annual Conference

On 18th April I presented my Social Media for Lawyers Course at the Association of Personal injury Lawyers (APIL) Conference in Birmingham. I had planned a lively introduction about how dependent we are on our mobile devices. Just before the talk I relaised I hadf lost my own phone! It had fallen out of my pocket in a taxi to the hotel. At least this got the audience laughing.

We covered the three main platforms - Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and also some do's and very much don'ts in relation to Social Media. This included some shocking examples of tweeting without due care and attention which has led to libel actions, worldwide embarassment and commercial damage. Some users seem to think that they can safely tweet what they like from the safety of their keyboard and do not appreciate h9w widely and how quickly something can be broadcat to the world!

I had lots of positive feedback.