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     Looking for something different in 2023?

     Steve Cornforth Consultancy

     Has helped to launch exciting new law firms,

     Has help an established firm relaunch as an Alternative Business Structure,

     Has helped a retiring lawyer secure a take – over

     Has launched Social Media pages to help firms with marketing

     If you have an idea, Steve is happy to find a way to make it happen


Housing Conditions Support

I have many years experience in Housing Conditions cases - mainly relating to tenants' rights under s11 and s9a Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. 

I provide training courses for beginners and for experienced case handlers. I also present regular webinars on various topic related to these cases. Email me for full details.

As well as training, I also provide consultancy support. I work alongside firms helping them with the management of cases. This includes but is not limited to - 

1. screening of new cases,

2. drafting documents and helping with issues that arise during a claim. 

3. advising on issues arising from responses to letters of claim

4. quantum

This is usually arranged on the basis of a fixed monthly fee at a level agreed to suit your needs. Support is also available at an hourly rate if preferred.

Contact me for details.

Complaints Handling Assistance

Effective complaints handling is not really about who is right. It is about sorting the problem...

One of the most difficult jobs in legal practice is the handing of client compliaints. 

All firms are required to have a Complaints Handing Policy and to publish details on their website - SRA Transparency Rules 2.1. This must also include detais of how to comlplain to the Legal Ombudsman and to the SRA.

It is extrememly important for firms to have an effective in-house procedure that is designed to resolve complaints. This maintains good client relationships and of course avoids the stresses of an Ombudsman referral. A satisfied client might share the experience with others. An unhappy client will certainly tell others. Effective complaints handling is not really about who is right. It is about sorting the problem...

Handling complaints also takes time and energy. I was complaints handling partner in my former firm for over 10 years. 

As part of my Consultancy, I offer a complaints handling service either on a retainer or case by case basis.

Contact me for details.



I was a COLP at different practices from the time the role was created in 2011 until I finished in Private Practice in 2017. I was President of Liverpool Law Society in 2012 and chaired their Regulatory Committee from 2012 - 2014. 

I have continued to help firms with all aspects of compliance and practice management. 

I have a particuar interest in new start ups. I have helped to steer a number of new firms through the accreditation process. This includes setting up the systems and documents to help firms obtain PII insurance and then help with the applications.

I will also carry out compliance audits for firms.

I have helped firms who have found it difficult to obtain insurance and have longstanding contacts with very experienced brokers. I can help with drafting of business plans and all of the necessary policies and procedures. 

I have a strong interest in contentious costs and retainers and have helped a number of firms to ensure that their client retainers are compliant.

I also have a very strong social media presence and assist firms with social media platforms and website advice/compliance.

I am always happy to have a chat, without charge, to discuss new ideas.


Blog Content help

Blog content

I have been writing a regular legal blog since 2012. My blog page has had over 300,000 reads in that time.

I am now providing blog content for lawyers and law firms that can be posted to your websites, or Social Media accounts.

The blog will normally be presented in Word so that your web team can post it. I can post directly to Wordpress based sites or to Facebook Pages/LinkedIn

This is at the affordable rate of £50 for a single blog of about 500 words or £75 for up to 750 words.

This will all be relevant content on the area of your choice relating to legal matters or matters affecting legal practice or news!

For a monthly fee of £150 I will post 4 blogs of up to 750 words.

I can also manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for £300 per month.

Contact me for details.